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The Forgiving mind

To be free from the past.

To meet the future with the all of me.

This love I can offer myself.


Letting go.

Within the warmth of knowing

That I am no longer there.

Reforming wisely my ways.

Qualities of renewal, crafted from within.

Embued with the gift of new perception.

Looking Again

Hope might ask:

Where are the ceremonies that celebrate with gratitude, the air they breathe?

Where are the ceremonies that celebrate with reverence, the fact of water,

in the glass to drink?

Where are the daily marks of

great acknowledgement

about the properties of sleep,

of laughter, of memory, of touch?

Patience might reply:

When they slow down

they see it and they feel it

and their lives are rich with value.

Respect might add:

If they would look again, re-spect,

they could find such change -

the fullness that they long for,

and the sense that they belong.

Not Perfect

Am I so pleased to know

it never will be so.

This idea of perfection,

but a dream.

Settled then am I,

to imperfect be.

Learning as I go.

Making right from wrong.

Creating paths of light,

for those yet to come.

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