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St David's Cathedral Pembrokeshire

Our first outing with the stones was August bank holiday 2018 in the Peace Garden, a hidden gem at the back of the Cathedral, a most atmospheric spot, just right for the Sanctuary. 

Our first vlog! 1.44 secs.

Photos  from St David's Cathedral

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Wells Cathedral April 2019 Somerset

At the beginning of April 2019 we were invited to work in the Camray Gardens at Wells Cathedral. We were there for 8 days opening up the conversation and inviting people to become an ambassador of a quality for the day.

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Our third trip to St David's August Bank Holiday 2019

Our third trip to St David's Cathedral Peace Garden was for 4 days. The garden seemed to greet us with open arms. As we placed the stones there was a sense that the whole garden began to sing. 

This time we not only asked visitors if they would like to choose a Quality to champion but also with idea of seeing oneself as a world citizen.


It is becoming quite clear for world to change, each one of us is important, and some of that difference can be made by embodying a quality, for example say integrity. If decisions about the future of our planet were made with integrity at play, imagine what could happen.  


Our plans for 2020 included taking the Sanctuary of Human Qualities to Wells Cathedral in May, and then on to Brecon in June. Our plans were of course, all cancelled because of "lockdown".

We do realise however, that 'Pause for Thought' has never been more relevant in these times and all of our lives.

We continue to seek for new ways to open up a dialogue about the future, and the importance that each person can make in their own lives to influence the outcome. The qualities are still central to any changes we might want to make.


So we invite you to our next Pause for Thought dialogue which will be by Zoom at 5pm on Saturday October17th. The Zoom call is connected to the 'Art at Waunifor' on line exhibition which you can visit at


To register for the conversation about the Qualities  and receive the zoom link please click  here.

If you have a query contact Jenny Mynett on or 01559 372191.

New zoom event December 6  2020

INVITE 2.png


Hope is like a solitary candle,

that wavering flame, 

Pushing back the oppression of the dark.

In the depths of winter, when our earth turns once more towards the sun, 

it brings with it new life, new birth

and renewed hope.


It whispers ‘Try again tomorrow and surely you will find a way.’


Hope is the rain newly fallen after long drought

and the green springs forth anew.

It whispers ‘Never give up hope,

tomorrow is not written in stone.’


When you hold in the inner depths of yourself the best of another,

New hope passes to them in mysterious ways.

Hope is born with a simple act of kindness one to the other.

New hope is given to the world every time you find a better way, or rewrite a wrong.

Hope is refreshed each time you extend the benefit of the doubt.

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