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Our Book

In 2019 we published a small booklet to accompany the installation

called 'Pause for Thought'. It is a collection of poems about the Qualities. It also served as a good way to deepen our understanding of each Quality. 

When people visit the installation and choose a Quality they wish to champion into the world we offer a copy of the writing of that Quality, as a further inspiration.

book front

A page from 'Pause for                   Thought'

integrity __.jpg

Conversations concerning the Qualities and Reducing Conflict

      Honour would say to Patience

Hold back your need for others to agree – 

for each person has their own journey to fullfill.


      Patience says to Understanding

Listen first before jumping to conclusions or forming your own opinions.

Seek for a view beyond the easy

right and wrong, that might heal

and transform all concerned. 


      Courage would counsel Humility

Know you have the strength not to mind being

found at fault.

Know that you have the love and flexibility to welcome new ways of thinking,

to seek a deeper understanding,

and become a safe harbour for its means and ways..   

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