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This should be in every street, in chalk on the pavement and outside every school, so people can stand on their quality for that day. A brilliant idea, thank you….this should be the start of a huge roll out of this installation. 

A lovely moment of reflection and sharing between all of the family. Taking time to honestly share what is special about our qualities is so important and brings us closer together, thank you. 

Your artwork makes me jump for joy and creates a stillness so much needed in the world. I love the idea of a mumuration of words of positive thoughts in the world. The installation should be in every garden.​

Q from Sally: Do you think it has a bit of a presence?

Answer: Definitely. Without a doubt. I live near a fashionable gallery and the artwork there is lost on me. But this isn’t lost on me, this moves me. You should do more with it.

May you keep your light bright over a sometimes dark world.

Beautiful and thought provoking. Much needed in today’s times.


A lovely Pause for Thought on the grounding for human existence on all levels. Thank you.

What a beautiful and unexpected discovery. Made me stop and appreciate the very important things in life. Lifted my spirits enormously. 

The world would be a better place if we all practised these every day.

Patience is important. These days, when the world is going faster and faster, we all need to find some time, to step into another man’s shoes and look at things from their perspective. If we do that simple (or not?) thing, then we find some understanding, kindness, forgiveness, respect, compassion and love. All those human qualities are related to each other. 


                                                         COMMENTS FROM ST DAVID'S CATHEDRAL

Primary school teacher: We should have something like this at school. The headteacher would love this.

Wonderfully simple.

A couple, the man chose integrity, courage and respect. We asked his partner what she would give him and she chose the exact same qualities and said ‘he is like a stick of rock, the same throughout.’

This from a lady who worked with people who have mental health problems:

‘Compassion….for others but also for ourselves. Embodying loving care and loving kindness in as many moments as possible. Compassion allows us to connect with others’ experiences and to who they are. It allows us to connect to our feelings and experiences, without expectation, without judgement and criticism, to really connect to our inner wisdom and to use this to guide us.

To think about what others are going through. On the outside things look ‘normal’ or ‘happy’, no one really knows the struggles that are happening inside.

Without understanding we find it hard to show many of the other qualities such as compassion, love, respect and strength.




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