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To champion a quality

into the world

Choosing a quality

Through our thoughts and our acts we can help to alter the balance of that quality in the world.

It is those small moments of care, or kindness, courage or understanding that makes us proud to be human and we wish for all to share. 

Each quality is contagious, they make life a rich experience. They can banish despair, and can be experienced even in some of the darkest places, born from adversity, an act of defiance bringing light to the deepest sorrows.

If you care to do so, choose a quality from below or choose your own
Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 10.59.44.png

We warmly invite your reflections, a story, a thought, as well as your participation. Go to tab, 'contact', to write to us. Go to 'contributions' to read the stories of others. 

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